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Joseph Steinberg – CyberSecurity Expert and Technology Influencer

Joseph Steinberg

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– Topics include: cybersecurity, digital crime, privacy, and technology trends.
– Expert, highly convincing and entertaining presenter.
– Available for keynotes, conferences, and corporate events.
– Available for television appearances.


– Leverage position as top-ranked influencer in cybersecurity and tech to help firms grow their brand recognition and sales pipelines.
– Author thought leadership articles to improve client’s credibility and website traffic.
– Provide high level cybersecurity guidance based on decades of experience.
– Assist investors and others with due diligence on cybersecurity and tech related firms.


– Advise regarding strategic activities based on decades of experience.
– Serve on official advisory boards to improve visibility and credibility.

Expert Witness

– Highly convincing expert for both technical and non-technical audiences.
– Respected worldwide for domain expertise and decades of experience.
– Can also help attorneys prepare for trial or determine a case’s merits.

Latest Posts

5 Reasons Why Ransomware Attacks on Businesses Are About to Get Much Worse

Ransomware – that is, computer malware that prevents users from accessing their files until they pay a ransom to some criminal or criminal enterprise – is expected to inflict about a billion dollars of damage in 2016. Businesses, hospitals, and individuals have all been hit. At the same time – and making the situation extremely […]

SecureMySocial Named to Cybersecurity 500 List for First Time

SecureMySocial, of which I am the CEO, has been included in the prestigious Cybersecurity 500 list for the first time. Congratulations to our entire team. For the full press release please see: SecureMySocial News: SecureMySocial Named to Cybersecurity 500 List For First Time      

Inc.: 5 Reasons Why Election Recounts Are A Mistake–Despite Reports of Hacking

While there has been a lot of talk about hackers interfering with our Presidential Election, and millions of dollars have been raised by the Green Party for a recount of votes cast in at least one state, I believe that recount efforts are detrimental to our democracy and unlikely to uncover any hacking. See the article […]
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