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Topics include: cybersecurity, digital crime, privacy, and technology trends.
Expert, highly convincing and entertaining presenter.
Available for keynotes, conferences, and corporate events.
Available for television appearances.


Leverage position as top-ranked influencer and trusted authority in cybersecurity and tech to help firms grow their brand recognition and sales pipelines.
Author thought leadership articles to improve client’s credibility and website traffic.
Provide high level cybersecurity guidance based on decades of experience.
Assist investors and others with due diligence on cybersecurity and tech related firms.


Advise regarding strategic activities based on decades of experience.
Serve on official advisory boards to improve visibility and credibility.

Expert Witness

Highly convincing expert for both technical and non-technical audiences.
Respected worldwide for domain expertise and decades of experience.
Can also help attorneys prepare for trial or determine a case’s merits.
How To Send Messages That Even The NSA, CIA, and FBI Cannot Read

How To Send Messages That Even The NSA, CIA, and FBI Cannot Read

Over the past few years there have been multiple efforts by governments to spy on users of digital communications and to force technology companies to provide access to the electronic communications of suspected criminals. While some messaging systems now offer end-to-end encryption that prevents the providers of such services from decrypting messages, metadata – including who communicated […]
Beware: The Jayden Smith Viral Facebook Message is Only Partially a Hoax

Beware: The Jayden Smith Viral Facebook Message is Only Partially a Hoax

Over the past couple days a Facebook message warning people not to accept Friend requests from someone by the name of Jayden K. Smith have circulated like wildfire. The messages state: Please tell all the contacts in your messenger list not to accept Jayden K. Smith friendship request. He is a hacker and has the […]
Free Webinar Tomorrow

Free Webinar Tomorrow

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) – an organized approach to addressing security alerts generated by information security systems and technology – is absolutely critical for businesses of any size; without it, serious threats are likely to go unaddressed, and the organization is likely to suffer serious consequences. It may suffer a data breach, violate […]
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