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Joseph Steinberg

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Overwhelmed by complex, impractical, or difficult-to-follow cybersecurity advice?
I make cybersecurity simple – and will help you stay safer than before – while making staying cyber-safe a lot easier for you than you thought possible.
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Topics include: cybersecurity, digital crime, privacy, and technology trends.
Expert, highly convincing and entertaining presenter.
Available for keynotes, conferences, and corporate events.
Available for television appearances.


Leverage position as top-ranked influencer and trusted authority in cybersecurity and tech to help firms grow their brand recognition and sales pipelines.
Author thought leadership articles to improve client’s credibility and website traffic.
Provide high level cybersecurity guidance based on decades of experience.
Assist investors and others with due diligence on cybersecurity and tech related firms.


Advise regarding strategic activities based on decades of experience.
Serve on official advisory boards to improve visibility and credibility.

Expert Witness

Highly convincing expert for both technical and non-technical audiences.
Respected worldwide for domain expertise and decades of experience.
Can also help attorneys prepare for trial or determine a case’s merits.

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Hackers have launched a new phishing attack that is tricking even tech-savvy users of Gmail. To learn what you need to know in order to protect yourself please see my article in Inc.: Beware This New Gmail Scam That Is Tricking Even Tech-Savvy Users

Inc.: Survey Reveals Alarming Trend About CyberSecurity Advice

A survey conducted late last year by cybersecurity firm, Sophos, produced several scary findings – including that many people giving cybersecurity advice may be woefully unqualified to do so. To learn more, please see my article in Inc.: Survey Reveals Alarming Trend About CyberSecurity Advice

5 Lessons for Entrepreneurs from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

(This article, by Joseph Steinberg, originally appeared in Forbes) As we celebrate the life, achievements, and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., entrepreneurs should take note of five important business lessons that can be learned from him, and his role in the Civil Rights movement: 1. Make Your Dream A Reality The phrase people […]
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